The Guardian League

Immerse Yourself!

"Gritty Urban Fantasy" -- Fiction Fans Podcast

The real problem with overpopulation? Earth became a target. Dive into a Manhattan that wrestles with burgeoning magic, careening toward disaster.

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    “The Guardian of The Palace was a thrilling blend of fairy tale creatures, pop culture references, and bad a** military characters who scare the crap out of me, AND I LOVED IT!” -- goodreads

    Brey War

    Salt Lake City, UT

    What you get:

    • Exclusive short stories involving characters from The Guardian League series, beginning with "Age Before Duty", where we follow Elliah, introduced in Book 2, during the events of Book 1.
    • Early artwork for upcoming books of the next series (A prequel to The Guardian League).
    • Overshared drama of raising three girls while trying to hold a job and write books.

    What is The Guardian League all about?

    Earth, through its technological advances, supports nearly eight billion souls; from a cosmic perspective, that makes it ripe for the picking. “Red” Hernandez, trying to put a questionable military life behind her, finds herself caught in the middle of stopping an apocalyptic invasion of Earth. But to do that, she has to figure out who the good guys are, and how she can combat forces in which she does not believe.

    Can one woman stop magic-wielding invaders from destroying the world, or will disbelief be her undoing?